Seedlings plug products: 18 points, 21 points, 28 points, 32 points, 40 points, 50 points, 72 points, 105 points, 128 points and other specifications of the nursery tray....


    Why do you choose Tianfeng

    Shouguang Tianfeng gardening material factory specializes in producing seedling substrate, cultivating substrate and soil improvement matrix. With ten years of production experience...


    Product series

    The formula of seedling substrate is reasonable. There are Tianfeng gardening domestic seedling base, Germany Floragard, Bioconsort coconut bran. German Terracult peat...


Shouguang Tianfeng gardening

Shouguang, Shandong Tianfeng horticultural material factory was founded in April 20, 2006, with the international advanced production line of nursery containers, and focus on long-term study of plastic nursery containers, manufacturing and sales. Products are mainly applied to vegetables, flowers, trees and other nursery plants matrix for the factory production of vegetables, flowers and tree seedlings to ensure the provision of a high-tech. In accordance with the needs of customers, the company will continue to launch new products to better serve customers.


Tianfeng gardening

Shandong  Shouguang
Sun Jia Ji Street Shou Yao Road, Shouguang City, Shandong


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Shouguang Tianfeng gardening material plant is a professional production of nursery matrix, cultivation matrix, soil improvement matrix, seedling raising tray, imported peat, imported coconut bran, matrix planting bag, coconut bran bag, peat planting bag, water soluble fertilizer, gardening appliance, horticultural machinery, plastic seedling box, seeder, perlite and vermiculite...

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Address: Sun Jia Ji Street Shou Yao Road, Shouguang City, Shandong
Mobile phone: 13869630098 15964566456
Fax: 0536-5785098
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