Sewage treatment: the "Rail" city in the countryside

At present, most villages are still unable to effectively deal with sewage, many villages have not begun to build sew

China has made positive progress in energy saving and emission reduction in the first half of the year

This year is the key year to achieve the "11th Five-Year" energy saving and emission reduction target. In the first h

On the technology of seedling cultivation in wet nursery matrix?

The water controlled seedlings of the nursery matrix began to be transplanted 10 days before the transplant. The cult

Judge whether the preparation of nursery matrix is suitable

How to make the matrix suitable? A simple and effective method is introduced here: gently press the finger in the mat

Press Briefing by Yang Wenchang, President

Yang said the seminar was planed to be held after the conclusion of the 17th national congress of the CPC. Its purpos

Famen Temple---the Buddhist

"The Buddhist holy for the completion of Hand Pagoda in Famen Temple and the grand ceremony to emplace the Holy Finge

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu s

China has taken note that the DPRK announced its launch of an experimental communications satellite on April 5 (local

Press Briefing by Yang Wenchang, President

Yang said the seminar was planed to be held after the conclusion of the 17th national congress of the CPC. Its purpos

High quality seedlings matrix full characteristics

Seedling substrateisinactive silicon dioxideas the main raw materials andadding to thehorticulturalperliteand vermicu

How to irrigate the different cultivation methods of nursery matrix

First, to avoid dry surface soil after seeding, especially in northern area, some small seed seeds are shallow in soi

Tianfeng gardening provides you with a new generation of nursery matrix

The nursery matrix of Shouguang Tianfeng gardening with a variety of imported medium and micro fertilizer, which is s

Light weight and reasonable proportioning of nursery matrix

The seedling body is light in weight and suitable for handling large and medium-sized potted flowers and trees, so as

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