Light weight and reasonable proportioning of nursery matrix

Release time:2018-7-2

The seedling body is light in weight and suitable for handling large and medium-sized potted flowers and trees, so as to lighten the weight of the roof. Its total porosity is large, and after reaching saturated water absorption, there is still a large amount of void space, which is conducive to the penetration and expansion of roots. Seedling substrate is suitable for planting many kinds of plants, suitable for all stages of plant growth. The substrate for raising seedlings is quickly fermented by golden baby starter, so as to achieve the goal of killing bacteria and killing eggs. Therefore, the substrate of the nursery is basically free from living bacteria, eggs, or as little as possible, so as to prevent the contamination of the environment and the food chain after the seedlings enter the growing field. In the preparation of nursery matrix, we should pay attention to the scientific and rational combination of organic matrix and inorganic matrix, so as to better regulate the ventilation, nutritional status and moisture of the nursery matrix.

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