Tianfeng gardening provides you with a new generation of nursery matrix

Release time2018-7-2

The nursery matrix of Shouguang Tianfeng gardening with a variety of imported medium and micro fertilizer, which is suitable for plant growth, is made of a new generation of advanced equipment. It has the advantages of soft, uniform matrix and reasonable nutrient elements. It has fast growth, coarse, strong, seedling quality, long stable fertilizer efficiency, convenient use and after planting. It has many advantages, such as high survival rate, no slow seedling phenomenon, and so on. It is a new generation of comprehensive nursery substrate. The nursery substrate is made from a mixture of peat and other seedling substrate additives produced in the northeastern Changbai Mountain virgin forest. The raw material of the seedling base material adopts the original large peat ore, which has deep ore bed, high organic matter and humic acid content, and is non-toxic, sterile and insect free. The packaging is exquisite, quality is good, price is preferential, quantity is enough, it has been well recognized and praised by customers everywhere.

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