How to irrigate the different cultivation methods of nursery matrix

Release time:2018-7-2

First, to avoid dry surface soil after seeding, especially in northern area, some small seed seeds are shallow in soil after sowing and are vulnerable to spring drought. Through reasonable irrigation to keep the bed moist, prevent the seedlings from losing water, they can also adjust the surface temperature and prevent sunburn. It is generally required that the number of irrigation should be more, and the amount of irrigation should be less.

Two, the rooting and germination of the cuttings, pressure strips and burial seedlings all need large amount of water, especially in the stage of the beginning of the leaf but not completely rooting (that is, the false activity) stage, the transpiration of the leaf surface is large and the soil water supply is less. Once the water is broken, the plant will die, and the key of the time is to irrigate the water. In the north, more attention should be paid to the weather in the dry season. The amount of irrigation can be larger, but the flow should be thin and slow, so as not to move the seedlings (especially cuttings).

Three. The seedling roots of ramets and transplant seedlings are injured due to root injury during planting, and the water supply of seedlings is not balanced. Therefore, water supply must be strengthened. After ramets and transplants, 3~4 should be continuously irrigated for a long time, with larger irrigation volume and less interval.

Four. The demand of grafted seedlings to grafted seedlings is not too great, so long as the normal life activities of Rootstocks can be guaranteed. Water can not be too much, especially the interface can not accumulate water, otherwise it will rot the wound. Attention should be paid to dry weather when irrigation is necessary.

Five, big seedlings will not be irrigated until the dry season. If water is too much, it will reduce the resistance of seedlings and affect the growth and development.

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