High quality seedlings matrix full characteristics

Release time:2018-7-2

Seedling substrate is in active silicon dioxide as the main raw materials and adding to the horticultural perlite and vermiculite, the addition of more than ten kinds of nutrition elements configured these raw materials through stirring processing automationprocess, become the nursery substrate quality.

A. constant and effective nutrition, nutrition supply over 80 days.

B. to crop production balance, yield increase.

C. high survival rate, do not burn seedlings, no slow seedling after transplanting.

D. reasonable ratio, high germination rate and root development to production.

E. value is suitable, water retention, fertilizer retention ability, good air permeability.

Seedling substrate quality can provide a good growth environment for the seedlingsseedlings, and help more healthy growth, in the future, seedling substrate willcompletely replace the soil be formulated seedling products.

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