Famen Temple---the Buddhist

Release time:2018-7-2

"The Buddhist holy for the completion of Hand Pagoda in Famen Temple and the grand ceremony to emplace the Holy Finger" will be held on May 9th,2009 in Famen Temple Shaanxi Province(Fufeng County) which is co-conducted by the Buddhism Association of China, the Religion Cultural Exchange Association of China and the relevant organization of Shaanxi Province. There will be 30,000 people present which include the Buddhism dignitary both from home and abroad, government officials, experts, enterprisers, celebrities, representatives from tourism, and Buddhism disciples. Therefore, we invite foreign journalists accredited in China to the Grand Ceremony for interview and report.

Schedule for the Grand Ceremony

May 8th, 2009

12: 00 Registration in Sofitel Hotel

15: 00 Press conference at International Conference Hall in Sofitel Renmin Hotel

May 9th, 2009

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