Press Briefing by Yang Wenchang, President

Release time2018-7-2

Yang said the seminar was planed to be held after the conclusion of the 17th national congress of the CPC. Its purpose is to explain to the world the relationship between the socialism with Chinese characteristics and the whole world. The discussions of the seminar will firmly focus on the direction and policies of Chinas development pattern, analyzing why Chinas development pattern would be opportunities rather than challenges to other countries in the world. The seminar will be divided into five sessions: 1. The Prospect of Chinas Peaceful Development; 2. China Peaceful Development and International Relations; 3. Chinas Peaceful Development and International Security; 4. Chinas Peaceful Development and World Economy; 5.Cultural Diversity and a Harmonious World.

Yang said State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan would attend the opening ceremony and deliver a keynote speech. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder will attend the opening ceremony and make a speech about China-European relations at a luncheon. The opening and closing ceremonies of the seminar and the luncheon in honor of Mr. Schroeder will be open to the . Chinese and foreign are welcome to cover the events.

About 30 Chinese and foreign friends such as from CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Peoples Daily, CNR, CRI, UPI, NHK, and Global Radio News attended the press briefing.

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