On the technology of seedling cultivation in wet nursery matrix?

Release time2018-7-2

The water controlled seedlings of the nursery matrix began to be transplanted 10 days before the transplant. The culture pond plants remove the baffle, the bottom of the pond film, the bottom of the ditch Shun Pu, easy to remove water, in the same time, step by step to open the film nursery seedlings. But the film should be covered in bad weather. The main methods of forging seedlings are: (1) exposing the membrane to fall off and fully contacting the external environment of the tobacco seedling. When the seedling tray is high in the seedling pool, the seedlings wilt after the smoke and then enter the culture pond, usually 2-3 days as a cycle. The above two methods can improve the resistance of tobacco seedlings. It is effective to produce seedlings in two ways, and forging Miao Tian should be no less than 10 days.

We should adhere to the principle of prevention and comprehensive prevention and control. It is forbidden to smoke in the greenhouse and wash hands with soap and water before operation, so as to prevent the spread of disease, especially the spread of virus. At the same time, it is necessary to combine biological control and chemical control in strict accordance with hygienic operation. In general, it is necessary to combine biological control and chemical control in the process of breeding, spraying 1 times with the control agent of virus disease, spraying the control agent of virus disease, taking medicine, transplantation, the prevention of the virus disease and the toxicity of the drug. On the table, it can be used to select the Bacillus dekirkus, and so on.

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