Sewage treatment: the "Rail" city in the countryside

Release time2018-7-2

At present, most villages are still unable to effectively deal with sewage, many villages have not begun to build sewage treatment facilities, and some are weak in the face of expensive treatment costs. In addition to these reasons, the living habits of villagers also seriously affect the rural domestic sewage treatment. Some villages in Yiyang County of Luoyang city successfully carried out rural domestic sewage treatment, which provided a useful model for the treatment of rural domestic sewage. A village of clear water to the river in Yiyang County of Luoyang city to find village lock village, sewage channels extending in all directions, connecting every household. The sewage passage is made of cement and brick, covered with prefabricated panels, and some even cover various kinds of flowers and plants. The whole country looks like a garden.

At Wang Xiaoyangs house, he and his wife were breaking corn cobs in the yard. Talking about the treatment of rural sewage, Wang Xiaoyang smiles on his face. According to him, since there is domestic sewage treatment, there is no need to worry about where the sewage flows. His family has built a new two storey building. On the first floor, there is a seven or eight square meter shower room in the shower. There is a sewer channel in the shower. It connects directly to the sewage treatment channel. The kitchen of Wang Xiaoyangs house also has a water outlet, which is connected to the sewage treatment channel. "Every day, like the city dwellers, there is no more water on the ground. Its very clean." Wang Xiaoyang said. The reporter visited several villagers. Their home sewage treatment was similar to that of Wang Xiaoyangs family. The family used to use the well water, the kitchen and the courtyard were built with sewage outflow, and the sewage was discharged directly to the sewage treatment channel. Through the sewage channel, flow to the centralized sewage treatment area. The sewage is treated through the sewage treatment area and then flows through the ditch to the village of the IRO river. "The treated water can either irrigate the ground or use it in other ways, but it is clean water anyway." The villagers said. In the village of Huang Yao village, when asked about the sewage treatment plant, the villagers gathered around and said happily, "in the past, the sewage in the village was everywhere, dirty and smelly. After the sewage treatment plant was put into use, the streets were not dirty and smelly. Spring Festival this year, I have a comfortable life! " At the villager Pan Aixiaos house, a sewer is connected to a closed sewer on the street, and the domestic sewage from the house flows to the sewage treatment plant through the sewer. The sewage treatment plant of Huang Yao village is located in the south of the village. It covers only 200 square meters. On this piece of land, only one piece of grass is seen. If no one introduces it, it is difficult for foreigners to find the modern sewage treatment plant. It is reported that the investment in Huang Yao village sewage treatment plant is 660 thousand yuan and the advanced sewage treatment technology is adopted. There are three processes for domestic sewage treatment: the first is sewage anaerobic treatment, the second is pebble filtration, and the third is grass root absorption and purification of sewage. The whole process is free from drugs and electricity, and only needs to dredge sewers regularly. The reporter saw that after the sewage was treated, it flowed into a pool. The treated domestic sewage was clear and bright without any peculiar smell. The treatment of rural domestic sewage has made farmers lives more and more "connected" to the city. Happy life in rural areas in September 10th, Luoyang rural sewage treatment on-site meeting was held in Yiyang. Sewage treatment in the village of suoying village and Huang Yao village has become a model village. According to the introduction, the rural sewage treatment project is a major decision made by the Yiyang County Committee and the county government according to the needs of the new rural construction. Through the gradual construction of the village living sewage treatment project in the villages along the Luohe River, the pollution problem caused by the direct discharge of domestic sewage into the Luohe River is fundamentally solved. The first phase of the project involves 3 administrative villages, namely, the village section, the lock camp and the Yellow kiln. The total investment is 3 million 133 thousand and 600 yuan, and the daily sewage treatment capacity is 37 tons. Among them, Huang Yao village sewage treatment project invested 660 thousand yuan, 10 tons of sewage treatment, 1 million 681 thousand yuan of sewage treatment projects in the village and village, 15 tons of sewage treatment in daily treatment, 792 thousand and 600 yuan for sewage treatment project in the village of lock camp and 12 tons of sewage in daily treatment. On the basis of the successful pilot of the sewage treatment project in the Yellow kiln village, two village level sewage treatment projects in the village, the village and the lock camp in the county, were set up in the first half of this year, completed in the first ten days of August and put into use in the first ten days of August, and the daily treatment of domestic sewage is 37 tons. On this basis, 5 villages have been identified for village level sewage treatment works, and preparations are being made before commencement. It is understood that the sewage treatment project of rural domestic sewage in Yiyang county adopts the advanced non dynamic ecological wetland wastewater treatment technology at home. The principle is that the sewage is anaerobic treated first, and then passes through the multi-functional ecological wetland purification and filtration, and makes the eutrophic sewage flow through the artificial wetland, and transforms the nutrients in the sewage and suck up the sewage. Get rid of it and reach the harmless emission standard. The implementation of the project has effectively improved the rural infrastructure, improved the sanitary environment in the village, prevented groundwater pollution, and ensured the safety of drinking water for the masses. According to the experts, from the principle of biological purification, artificial wetland is a new technology of sewage treatment. The treated water can reach the standard of drinking water, which alleviates the shortage of water to some extent. From the cost of construction investment, the capital investment of artificial wetland is less. In the process of daily use, only pipeline maintenance is needed. It can be described as a one-time investment, and the long-term benefit will not increase the extra burden to the village and the masses. From the view of natural regulation, constructed wetland also has powerful ecological restoration function. It not only plays an important role in providing water resources, regulating climate and water conservation, but also promoting silting, degradation of pollutants and protecting organisms.

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